For nearly forty years, the A. Hart Co. has been manufacturing hardgoods for the bridal, floral and funeral industry, located in Canton, Ohio.

Our industry reputation for American-made, quality products and services has made us a favorite among floral wholesalers, florists, event and funeral professionals. They have come to know an A. Hart product will be made with superior attention to detail, quality materials, and they will receive the utmost customer service.

We are a partner to any company looking to create a fabric-based product as well. We lend our expertise in fabric and sewing to your organization, helping you create the best product for your end user.



Every one of our items is hand sewn using premium fabrics, safe for use with flowers. Edging is done with the finest attention to detail in lace, organza or tulle.

Our shop floor features clean, organized workstations ensuring the whitest whites and unblemished fabrics.

Pillows are stuffed with polyester batting for a full presentation. Each pillow has a ribbon attached making it easy to add flowers, rings, or other keepsakes.

Our baskets are fully lined and padded for premium quality from every angle.

Wristlets and garters have been tested to ensure softness against skin and most secure hold.

Every stitch happens right here, in Canton, Ohio with the utmost quality control. We will never send out an item that isn’t finished and filled to superior quality.



We are a flexible partner, willing to custom design products and packaging for your organization.

We are more than a catalog product company – we have highly skilled tailors, state of the art die cutting machinery and the highest quality material sources to create any item you may imagine.

Our ability to quickly prototype and adjust based on your needs and customer feedback sets up apart.

Private label packaging is also available. This allows you to develop your own product line and brand, knowing you have the skilled labor partners to make it a quality product.



All items in our catalog are handmade and stocked domestically. This means they are available to ship to you immediately, eliminating the need to stock a large inventory.

We accept frequent, small orders, or larger palette quantities, depending on your purchasing preferences.

Product arrives to you in days, because we are domestic and have UPS pickups every business day.