Tulle Wristlet

Available in white and black

A. Hart. Co. Wristlets feature:

  • comfortable elastic wristlet for secure hold when wearing
  • sturdy, yet bendable, metal clip to secure flowers and foliage
  • coated white disk for additional support when gluing flowers
  • sewn with sheer, soft tulle trim extending 1.5" from disk, for finished look, saving time in designing


White Satin Heart Covered with White Lace and Lace Trim
Dimensions: 11" wide x 10" tall

Blue Garter

Blue Garter

White Garter

White Garter


Oversized White Satin Heart with Lace Trim
Dimensions: 12" wide x 12" tall


White Lace Wristlet with White Elastic
5" diameter

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